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The changing face of dentistry: nanotechnology

Authors: Rosaiah Kanaparthy , Aruna Kanaparthy    |   Rosaiah Kanaparthy

Development of TIMP1 magnetic nanoformulation for regulation of synaptic plasticity in HIV-1 infection

Authors: Venkata Subba Rao Atluri, Rahul Dev Jayant, Sudheesh Pilakka-Kanthikeel, Gabriella Garcia, Thangavel Samikkannu, Adriana Yndart, Ajeet Kaushik, and Madhavan Nair    |   Madhavan Nair

Tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases-1 loaded poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles for delivery across the blood–brain barrier

Authors: Mayank Chaturvedi, Yves Molino, Bojja Sreedhar, Michel Khrestchatisky, and Leszek Kaczmarek    |   Mayank Chaturvedi

Similar healthy osteoclast and osteoblast activity on nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite and nanoparticles of tri-calcium phosphate compared to natural bone

Authors: Adam K MacMillan, Francis V Lamberti, Julia N Moulton, Benjamin M Geilich, and Thomas J Webster    |   MacMillan

Nanoscale hepatoprotective herbal decoction attenuates hepatic stellate cell activity and chloroform-induced liver damage in mice

Authors: Sherry Huang, Shu-Jen Chang, Miffy Yang, Justin Jin-Ching Chen, and Walter H Chang    |   Huang

Do nanoparticles provide a new opportunity for diagnosis of distal airspace disease?

Authors: Jakob Löndahl, Jonas KF Jakobsson, David M Broday, H Laura Aaltonen, and Per Wollmer    |   Löndahl

Effect of magnetic nanoparticles on apoptosis and cell cycle induced by wogonin in Raji cells

Authors: Lei Wang,* Haijun Zhang,* Baoan Chen, Guohua Xia, Shuai Wang, Jian Cheng, Zeye Shao, Chong Gao, Wen Bao, Liang Tian, Yanyan Ren, Peipei Xu, Xiaohui Cai, Ran Liu, and Xuemei Wang    |   Wang

Gene therapy for C-26 colon cancer using heparin-polyethyleneimine nanoparticle-mediated survivin T34A

Authors: Ling Zhang,* Xiang Gao,* Ke Men, BiLan Wang, Shuang Zhang, Jinfeng Qiu, Meijuan Huang, MaLing Gou, Ning Huang, ZhiYong Qian, Xia Zhao, and YuQuan Wei    |   Zhang

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