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The development and implementation of a training program for pediatric dentistry residents working with patients diagnosed with ASD in a special needs dental clinic

Authors: Romer Ocanto, Maria A Levi-Minzi, Jennifer Chung, Tara Sheehan, Oscar Padilla, Deborah Brimlow   |   > > > Romer Ocanto

Current status on minimal access cavity preparations: a critical analysis and a proposal for a universal nomenclature

Authors: E J N L Silva, K P Pinto, C M Ferreira, F G Belladonna, G De-Deus, P M H Dummer, M A Versiani   |   > > > E J N L Silva

Best clinical practice guidance for prescribing dental radiographs in children and adolescents: an EAPD policy document

Authors: J Kühnisch, V Anttonen, M S Duggal, M Loizides Spyridonos, S Rajasekharan, M Sobczak, E Stratigaki, J W G Van Acker, J K M Aps, K Horner, K Tsiklakis   |   > > > J Kühnisch

Ketamine in dentistry: a useful way for non-compliant pediatric patients

Authors: L Marinello, G Zanotti, A Spinelli, M Zarantonello, D De Santis, F Zotti, A Iurlaro, C Alberti, A Zangani, G Capocasale, A Bertajola, D Donadello, M Finotti   |   > > > L Marinello

A 3D printing replication technique for fabricating digital dentures

Authors: Yukihiro Takeda, Jessica Lau, Hesham Nouh, Hiroshi Hirayama   |   > > > Yukihiro Takeda

Full digital workflow for crown lengthening by using a single surgical guide

Authors: Leandro Passos, Fernando Peixoto Soares, Isabela Goulart Gil Choi, Arthur Rodriguez Gonzalez Cortes   |   > > > Leandro Passos

Clinical procedures and outcome of surgical extrusion, intentional replantation and tooth autotransplantation - a narrative review

Authors: G Plotino, F Abella Sans, M S Duggal, N M Grande, G Krastl, V Nagendrababu, G Gambarini   |   > > > G Plotino

Stainability of acrylic resin materials used in CAD-CAM and conventional complete dentures

Authors: Faisal D Al-Qarni, Charles J Goodacre, Mathew T Kattadiyil, Nadim Z Baba, Rade D Paravina   |   > > > Faisal D Al-Qarni

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