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Biocore committed to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community by launching high quality and highly informative journals. We offer 22 open access journals that feature thousands of papers and manuscripts submitted to us by researchers and scholars from all over the globe. The articles published in the journals contain complete information about the concerned topic and are plagiarism free. The articles here provide useful information to the researches for their new research.

Peer Review process an overview

  • The time for peer review processing is 14 days.
  • The articles published in Biocore journals undergoes peer review process, in which the Editorial Board appoints the reviewers to check the quality of the manuscripts submitted by different authors.
  • Reviewers check the manuscript and provide their review comments. Once the reviewers have checked the manuscripts and then the reviewers give the report about the manuscripts to the Editor which is in turn forwarded to the author of the manuscript.
  • The author is advised to make the required revisions.
  • Once again, upon resubmission, the manuscript is forwarded to peer reviewers, which may or may not be the same reviewers who pointed out the original mistakes.
  • The process is repeated until the manuscript is ready for publishing in our journals.

The comments given by the reviewer decides the fortune of article towards the possible publication. If at least three reviewers support and ensure the quality and recommend for the publication, the article is processed and published with editor’s approval. The manuscript will be rejected if more than three reviewers express their disapproval towards the publication.

This process is a well matures and universally accepted process for evaluating the quality and quanity of a research paper. The author is not involved with the process as it is sent to different expert from around the globe.

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