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Microalgal swimming signatures and neutral lipids production across growth phases

Authors: Jiaqi You, Kevin Mallery, Douglas G Mashek, Mark Sanders, Jiarong Hong, Miki Hondzo    |   Jiaqi You

Microstructural densification and alignment by aspiration-ejection influence cancer cell interactions with three-dimensional collagen networks

Authors: Ruby N Huynh, Manal Yousof, Khanh L Ly, Farai C Gombedza, Xiaolong Luo, Bidhan C Bandyopadhyay, Christopher B Raub    |   Ruby N Huynh

Aggregation-induced integrated stress response rejuvenates culture-expanded human mesenchymal stem cells

Authors: Brent M Bijonowski, Qin Fu, Xuegang Yuan, Jerome Irianto, Yan Li, Samuel C Grant, Teng Ma   |   Brent M Bijonowski

Technology outlook for real-time quality attribute and process parameter monitoring in biopharmaceutical development-A review

Authors: Dhanuka P Wasalathanthri, Matthew S Rehmann, Yuanli Song, Yan Gu, Luo Mi, Chun Shao, Letha Chemmalil, Jongchan Lee, Sanchayita Ghose, Michael C Borys, Julia Ding, Zheng Jian Li   |   Dhanuka P Wasalathanthri

Scaffold-free biofabrication of adipocyte structures with magnetic levitation

Authors: Oyku Sarigil, Muge Anil-Inevi, Burcu Firatligil-Yildirir, Yagmur Ceren Unal, Ozden Yalcin-Ozuysal, Gulistan Mese, H Cumhur Tekin, Engin Ozcivici   |   Oyku Sarigil

Good design practices for an integrated containment and production system for advanced therapies

Authors: Cristina Zanini, Franco Severina, Giovanni Lando, Carlotta Fanizza, Eugenio Cesana, Davide Desidera, Marco Bonifacio   |   Cristina Zanini

Bioprocess development for scalable production of cultivated meat

Authors: Mariana P Hanga, Junaid Ali, Panagiota Moutsatsou, Fritz A de la Raga, Christopher J Hewitt, Alvin Nienow, Ivan Wall   |   Mariana P Hanga

Display of lead-binding proteins on Escherichia coli surface for lead bioremediation

Authors: Xiaoqiang Jia, Ying Li, Tao Xu, Kang Wu   |   Xiaoqiang Jia

In situ detection of protein interactions for recombinant therapeutic enzymes

Authors: Mojtaba Samoudi, Chih-Chung Kuo, Caressa M Robinson, Km Shams-Ud-Doha, Song-Min Schinn, Stefan Kol, Linus Weiss, Sara Petersen Bjorn, Bjorn G Voldborg, Alexandre Rosa Campos, Nathan E Lewis    |   Mojtaba Samoudi

New soluble angiopoietin analog of Hepta-ANG1 prevents pathological vascular leakage

Authors: Pan Liu, Michael Ryczko, Xinfang Xie, Jason Baardsnes, Simon Lord-Dufour, Yves Duroche, Emily Anne Hicks, Aftab Taiyab, Heather Sheardown, Susan E Quaggin, Jing Jin    |   Mojtaba Samo Pan Liu udi

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