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Recent advances in computational methods for biosensor design

Authors: Zahra Khoshbin, Mohammad R Housaindokht, Mohammad Izadyar, Mohammad R Bozorgmehr, Asma Verdian   |   Zahra Khoshbin

Current genetic engineering strategies for the production of antihypertensive ACEI peptides

Authors: Carolina Gomes, Diana Ferreira, João P F Carvalho, Carlos A V Barreto, Joana Fernandes, Marisol Gouveia, Fernando Ribeiro, Ana S Duque, Sandra I Vieira   |   Carolina Gomes

Production of entomopathogenic nematodes in submerged monoxenic culture: A review

Authors: Carlos Inocencio Cortés-Martínez, Norberto Chavarría-Hernández   |   Carlos Inocencio Cortés-Martínez

Cautionary Note on Contamination of Reagents Used for Molecular Detection of SARS-CoV-2

Authors: Jim F Huggett, Vladimir Benes, Stephen A Bustin, Jeremy A Garson, Karthyn Harris, Martin Kammel, Mikael Kubista, Timothy D McHugh, Jacob Moran-Gilad, Tania Nolan, Michael W Pfaffl, Marc Salit, Greg Shipley, Peter M Vallone, Jo Vandesompele, Carl Wittwer, Heinz Zeichhardt    |   Jim F Huggett

Mechanisms of antimicrobial and antiendotoxin activities of a triazine-based amphipathic polymer

Authors: Eun Young Kim, S Dinesh Kumar, Jeong Kyu Bang, Song Yub Shin   |   Eun Young Kim

Process-wide control and automation of an integrated continuous manufacturing platform for antibodies

Authors: Fabian Feidl, Sebastian Vogg, Moritz Wolf, Matevz Podobnik, Caterina Ruggeri, Nicole Ulmer, Ruben Wälchli, Jonathan Souquet, Hervé Broly, Alessandro Butté, Massimo Morbidelli   |   Fabian Feidl

The transition of Rhodobacter sphaeroides into a microbial cell factory

Authors: Enrico Orsi, Jules Beekwilder, Gerrit Eggink, Servé W M Kengen, Ruud A Weusthuis   |   Enrico Orsi

Strategies for high-concentration drug substance manufacturing to facilitate subcutaneous administration: A review

Authors: Melissa Holstein, Jessica Hung, Hasin Feroz, Swarnim Ranjan, Cheng Du, Sanchayita Ghose, Zheng Jian Li   |   Melissa Holstein

Biomimetic surface delivery of NGF and BDNF to enhance neurite outgrowth

Authors: Ana M Sandoval-Castellanos, Frederik Claeyssens, John W Haycock   |   Ana M Sandoval-Castellanos

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