Authors should follow the below mentioned guidelines while submitting their work. The submission of work will get benefits from BIOCORE with our well esteemed peer review process and language revision services. All these services are along with the article abstraction for indexing and enhancing visibility of the submissions online. The features with the BIOCORE will enhance benefits in many ways.

  • Peer review process is single blinded and well constructed.
  • Editors will give their best in all aspects with language revision services.
  • The visibility of the article will be more enhanced.
  • The article will be abstracted by the online services.
  • Open Access is an immediate action.

Editorial Policy and Peer Review process

Our Journals strengthens with integrity and quality, so the interest of the readers is intact. The aim of the editorial policy is the same. The publications are written based on the scope of the journal which meets relevance of the topic, scientific viability, clarity and integrity. We follow the ethics of the journal rather than authors’ nationality, political and religious beliefs. The publishing of the article solely depends on the quality and merit of the article and how it will be useful for the readers. The publications are generally reviewed and studied by scholars, graduates, academicians and people, who are interested in the scientific research.

The peer review process is designed in a well constructive manner which will be convenient to the author.

Type of Articles accepted by Biocore

We accept and mainly poised on the true and important information on the latest research findings in the science world. The type of the article depends on the credit of the information and with specific appearance it will be convenient to the reader. So, we have some guidelines for the author to submit their research in BIOCORE. The below types are welcome:

  • Fresh articles: The research should be new and it has to provide contribution towards the science. It never has to publish before and there should be clear evidences showing the research and methodologies.
  • Research articles: These should be the research work and fresh with all the references.
  • Reviews: It should be telling something about the article and will be in first person.
  • Case Reports: These may contain some disease features, its occurrence, symptoms and their causes.
  • Short Communications: Some discussion, any interesting discussion will publish with the acceptance of the editor.

Manuscript Preparation

Every Manuscript has the fixed format, which contains title, abstract and keywords. The title should have to reflect the summary of the article. Names of the authors, their affiliations and the contact details are necessary. Abstract should be between 250-300 words and without any abbreviations and references. Keywords are necessary for indexing purposes.

Format of the text and the other important criteria

The format is important while submitting the article. The font should be standard, normal and point size should be 12, Times New Roman is considered. Table structures are preferred rather than spreadsheet. The number of headings should not be more than three.

  • Acknowledgement will be comprised of names of the contributors, and also authors.
  • Arabic Numerals have to be used in tables.
  • The files which are additional should be in PDF, MOV, SWF and XLS formats.
  • Authors must own the copyright of their publication.

Article Retraction/Withdrawal:

Biocore strictly follows the Labor management with regard to Article Retraction and Withdrawals.

  • Article will be retraced from the website, if any copyright issues/Legal bindings after sending the prior notice to Author
  • Article Withdrawal is right for any author, but the labor management act, the article withdrawal should be before 10 days of submitting the paper. If any author want to withdrawal the paper after 10 days, he/she needs to deploy it by paying a nominal charges.


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