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Evidence of Fab Fragment Gene in the Ophuirid : Ophiocomina Nigra(Echinodermata)

Michel Leclerc*1, Pierre de la Grange2
1556 rue Isabelle Romée 45640 Sandillon (FRANCE)
2Genosplice Paris (FRANCE)
Corresponding author: Michel Leclerc
556 rue Isabelle Romée Sandillon, France. E-mail:
Received Date: January 18, 2018; Accepted Date: January 31, 2018; Published Date: February 10, 2018
Citation:Michel Leclerc et al.(2018), EVIDENCE of Fab Fragment Gene in the Ophuirid : Ophiocomina Nigra (Echinodermata). Int J Biotech & Bioeng 4:2, 36-38
Copyright: © 2018 Michel Leclerc et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited

Recently, Fab fragment gene was discovered in the Asterid genome (Asterias rubens genome).More recently was found the Fab fragment gene in the Ophiocomina nigra genome with an e-value of 3,00E-12 and 89,38 identity ( Homo sapiens/0.nigra).This discovery corroborates the presence of a primitive antibody in Ophuirids.

Keywords:    Invertebrate, Ophuirids, Ophiocomina Nigra, Fab Fragment Gene, Primitive Antibody


The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the emergence of primitive antibody(1,2) in two classes of Echinodermata :
The Asterids and the Ophuirids. In the sea star primitive antibody, the presence of Fab fragment gene occured(3)
The aim of this communication is to look for Fab fragment gene in the genome of Ophiocomina nigra.

Materials and Methods

Ophiocomina nigra was otained from the Biology Station of Roscoff.
a) Ophiocomina nigra and its preparation to obtain mRNA have already been described(2).Furthermore quality controls were made.
b) It is useful to add that :
Transcriptome was assembled from RNA-Seq fastq files using Trinity v2.1.1(4) with default parameters. A BLAST database was created with the assembled transcripts using makeblastdb application from ncbi-blast+ (v2.2.31+). The sequences of transcripts of interest were then blasted against this database using blastn application from ncbi-blast+(5) with parameter word_size 7.

Results :

 The transcriptome presents the sequence of Fab fragment gene(e-value:3,00E-12)
The transcriptome presents the sequence of Fab fragment gene(e-value:3,00E-12)


The identity of the sequence with Homo sapiens is of 89,38 %. The e-value is highly significant..
In Asterias rubens Fab fragment gene was clearly expressed such as Fc receptor gene(3) We ‘ll retain the fact that in Ophiocomina nigra, Fab fragment gene appears too in the sequencing.It corroborates indirectly, by its presence, the explanation of a primitive antibody, in ophuirids (Echinodermata) We recall that Echinodermata shows immune specific humoral reactions, at least for asterids and ophuirids(1,6) : it makes their originality.


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